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We’ll only send you the loans we’d fund ourselves.

A Vibrant Supply of Loan Requests

We have an established and expanding network of private money brokers and borrowers actively seeking funding.  Our network produces a very steady supply of quality loan requests month-in and month-out. Lenders who join our network open themselves to a consistent stream of funding opportunities. If you are looking for lending opportunities then join our network; no-strings-attached.

**In order to receive loan referrals from Black Hawk Hawk Funding you will need to complete our standard Loan Referral Agreement.

Our Reputation

We understand the importance of due diligence so we’ve provided you with the CV’s of our company’s principles as well as letters of recommendation from our current lenders and strategic partners.

Loan Requests in the Last 6 Months


Commercial Note Sales

Are you a hedge fund, investment bank, or individual with capital to deploy?  We can help.  Accredited investors have the opportunity to purchase performing commercial notes that Black Hawk has funded directly and would like to sell.

As a general rule, we keep enough loans in our in-house funds to provide our investors with the return they’ve come to expect over the years.  The rest of the loans are sold to institutions and investors looking for a good return on their money with high-quality real estate collateral backing their investment.  The majority of our notes typically have the following characteristics:

  • Secured by commercial real estate
  • Range in size from $1- $5 million
  • Interest rates from 11-13%
  • Terms of 12-24 months
  •  LTV’s of 65% or less
  • Performing
  • Clean Title
  • Loan Types: Bridge, Construction, Rehabs, Acquisition, and Refinance

We sell our notes at face value, since they are short-term, interest only, and the time value of money is not a negating factor on the income stream during the life of the loan.  The investor gets the combined benefits of a high-interest rate on his or her investment and a short repayment window.

Most of our note buyers choose to have Black Hawk continue to service the loan until it maturity date.  We are happy to do that while our investors simply receive the monthly interest payments.

Notes Currently for Sale :
Riverman LLC

Opportunity for Strategic Partnership

We believe in building strategic, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial partnerships within our industry. We are very interested in discussing participation opportunities with other lenders as well as lines-of-credit relationships with credible lending institutions.

Current Strategic Partners:


“Asset-Based Commercial Lending”