Rob Newell - CEO

Rob Newell – CEO

Mr. Newell is the founder and CEO of Black Hawk Funding.  He has over twenty years of experience in managing both start-up and development stage companies in the hard money and commercial loan origination and resale business.

In 2007, Mr. Newell founded Black Hawk Capital Managers, LLC, a private company that focuses on investments tied to commercial real estate loans and properties. Prior to 2007, Mr. Newell was Director of Operations for Black Mountain Capital who had a $50 million joint venture with Prudential Real Estate. Mr. Newell has served as the COO of Bridge Capital USVI, where he managed Bridge’s $250 million loan portfolio. Mr. Newell also founded and served as the President of RTC Financial Advisors, a company responsible for over $500 million in real estate loan acquisitions through the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC). In 1995 he co-founded and operated , the private real-estate lending database Black Hawk Funding acquired in 2012 that was responsible for generating millions in loans until 2006.

Mr. Newell started his career as a registered investment advisor with Shearson Lehman Brothers and EF Hutton.  He received his BA and MBA in Business Finance from the University of Idaho. He is a pilot and enjoys tennis, golf, and outdoor activities.