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Meet the Team

Robert Newell



Richard Oliphant

Board Member


Ralph Trigg

Vice President, Investor Relations


Garnett Williams

Vice President, Security & Compliance


Jaime McLaughlin

Office Manager


We know the business

We believe the private money lending business is a common sense business.  Although we underwrite our loans using a strict set of due diligence criteria, at the end of the day we place just as much emphasis on the character of our borrowers as we do the financial strength of their project.

We strive to participate in investments and lending opportunities that we both completely understand and are completely comfortable with.  If we wouldn’t put our personal funds into a deal we won’t risk investor capital either.

Our Story

Our company is named after the late father of our principal Rob Newell.  Jack “Black Hawk” Newell was a World War II pilot who split time between the Navy and his career with the Cincinnati Red Legs (Reds). After he helped whip the Nazi’s, Jack went to work for the FBI and raised his family in Southern Idaho.  He was a cookie-cutter member of the “Greatest Generation” of men who served their country and families with integrity and courage.  Jack used to carry a quote around in his wallet by William Arthur Ward that has stuck with us over the years.

“Before you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you invest, investigate. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try. Before you retire, save. Before you die, give.”

Our Company

Rob Newell founded Black Hawk Funding in 2012 after a successful career managing various lending companies and two of his own funds.  Black Hawk Funding  serves mainly as the origination arm for both our in-house funds we do the majority of our lending from.  Our home office is located on the Spokane River in the beautiful city of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.




Private Commercial Lending

We are a direct lender to commercial borrowers in need of bridge financing for construction projects, acquisitions, refinances, and bankruptcy bail-outs.  Our borrowers are typically high net worth individuals who would rather pay a premium to us in exchange for our ability to close a transaction quickly without lengthy approval processes.  We have key banking relationships that give our borrowers the added bonus of a potential take-out loan once our financing with them matures.  We also entertain mezzanine financing opportunities as well as credit enhancements.

Venture Capital

Our leadership team here at Black Hawk is diverse.  It’s composed of real estate portfolio managers, business development consultants, MBA’s, securities professionals, entrepreneurs, CFP’s, and residential and commercial developers .  This rich mix of backgrounds gives us the ability take an innovative and well-rounded approach to evaluating and investing in primarily pre-revenue stage companies.  We place great value in the human element of any business and believe that without great leadership and organizational structure, even the best business ideas can fail.

Loan Brokering – Commercial and Residential

A lender’s deal flow depends not only on how well they perform for their borrowers but how responsive they are to incoming loan requests they cannot fund.  If a lender can’t fund a deal they need to be able to put their borrower in touch with another lender who can.  Our network members have the ability to submit loan requests of all types to be funded in house or referred out to our network of private lenders.

Our growing database of thousands of hard money borrowers, brokers, and lenders has a history of producing a vibrant supply of loan requests and funded deals.  This database is the nucleus of our loan brokering services arm at Black Hawk.